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St. Valentine's Day Ideas

There are many spots in Derbyshire's Peak District National Park to have a romantic evening.

If the weather is good enough, why not watch the Sun setting from the top of Mam Tor? At this time of year the Sun sets around 5:10 pm (somewhat earlier in the valleys) and there are plenty of spots to choose. Ameycroft Lane between Bakewell and Matlock is a very romantic spot to watch the Sun setting. If you don't mind the walk, there is the Nine Ladies Standing Stones on Stanton Moor.


Restaurants we would recommend (in no particular order) for a St. Valentine's Day meal are:


On 14th February 2008 the moon is at its first quarter and, on a clear night, is almost bright enough to walk with.

If you decide to have a romantic evening under the stars, this year has a few treats. As the Sun sets, the brightest object in the sky - and probably the first star you see - is the planet Mars. It will be visible in the south east sky - near, and to the left of, the moon. You are unlikely to see shooting stars this evening but there will be three bright flashes. These are not UFOs but communication satellites and the flashes is the Sun being reflected off of their antenna. The flashes only last a few seconds and in olden days may have been viewed as a good omen.

Time of Flash Brightness compared to Mars Angle above Horizon Direction of flash
Castleton Matlock Ashbourne Castleton Matlock Ashbourne
18:00:07 18:00:11 18:00:14 x1 x3 x3 13° 283° (WNW)
18:09:06 18:09:10 18:09:15 x8 x3 x3 11° 285° (WNW)
18:15:41 18:15:45 18:15:48 x100 x3 x100 45° 178° (S )

If you are prepared to wait until 18:19, the International Space Station can be seen crossing the sky. It will be a bright light (not quite as bright as Mars) that starts in the west at 18:19 and travels around the sky - reaching 21° above the horizon (SSW) - before disappearing in the south east at 18:27.

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