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The Druid Inn

This is a very good place to stop for refreshments. In 2008 it had a good variety of food on the menu at reasonable prices.

Last Inspection (2008 January)

The Druid Inn was last inspected on a Saturday evening during January 2008. The menu was varied and the service good. The food was of a very high standard and the staff were pleasant and friendly. We had a slight problem with an undercooked steak but it was sorted out to our total satisfaction. There was a good range of wines to suit all pockets. It also had real ale on tap which was well kept. They had no problems producing a high quality meal for someone with a wheat and dairy allergy. We ate in the Upper Restaurant which was laid out with plenty of room between the tables. The room had more background noise than would be expected for the number of tables but at least the spacing of tables was sufficient for other tables' conversations to be private.

On a slight down side, the serving staff did not rise to the same high standards as the food. If the food had been merely average, the standard of waiting would have been acceptable. But with such high standards in the presentation and taste of the food it was disappointing that staff made a few gaffs. They were:

  • when one guest was clearly not ready to order the waitress should have retired and come back later
  • when the cutlery was changed for meals like steak, the waiter should have known where they were sitting from the waitress' order and not have had to ask the customers
  • when the meals came, the servers should have known where they were sitting from the waitress' order and not have had to ask the customers
  • when the bill came it should have been passed immediately to the organiser of the party and not waved around (I did not want my guests to see the final bill!)

On the plus side, they did take our coats and provide several spoons so that we could all sample the cheese cake.

They call themselves a Gastro-pub and the quality of the food was equal to a fine restaurant. The duck's leg for the first course was perfectly cooked and presented beautifully. As everything is cooked fresh, the meal takes longer than many inferior restaurants. We allowed ourselves three hours and savoured every minute. This is definitely a place we will try again. They have a sign outside that says "Derbyshire Tradition, Contemporary Style" and we agree with every word.


At the west end of Main Street, Birchover village.

Grid Reference SK 236 622

Telephone 01629 650 302

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