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Farmers' Markets 2019

A list of Farmers' Markets in Bakewell, Belper, Buxton, Chesterfield, Derby, Hathersage and Wirksworth in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire.

In addition to Farmers' Markets throughout the year, Buxton also has a regional food fair most months of the year and, in October, the Great Peak District Fair.

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December 2019

7th Saturday Wirksworth farmers market
7th Saturday Hathersage farmers market
12th Thursday Buxton farmers market
12th Thursday Chesterfield farmers market
14th Saturday Belper farmers market
21st Saturday Bakewell farmers market
21st Saturday Derby farmers market


[hide] Bakewell details.

farmers market

Tel: 01629 813777


26th January
23rd February
30th March
27th April
25th May
29th June
27th July
31st August
28th September
26th October
30th November
21st December


[hide] Belper details.

farmers market

Tel: 01773 822116

9th February
9th March
8th April
11th May
8th June
13th July
10th August
14th September
12th October
9th November
14th December


[hide] Buxton details.

farmers market

Tel: 01298 23114

3rd January
7th February
7th March
4th April
2nd May
6th June
4th July
1st August
5th September
3rd October
7th November
12th December


[hide] Chesterfield details.

farmers market

Tel: 01246 345345

10th January
7th February
7th March
11th April
9th May
13th June
11th July
8th August
12th September
10th October
7th November
12th December


[hide] Derby details.

farmers market

Tel: 01332 643344


19th January
16th February
16th March
20th April
18th May
15th June
20th July
17th August
21st September
19th October
16th November
21st December


[hide] Hathersage details.

farmers market

Contact: Gemma Facer

Tel: 07931 960770

5th January
2nd February
2nd March
6th April
4th May
1st June
6th July
3rd August
7th September
5th October
2nd November
7th December


[hide] Wirksworth details.

farmers market

Tel: 07403 310163


2nd February
2nd March
6th April
4th May
1st June
6th July
3rd August
7th September
5th October
2nd November
7th December
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