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Historic Weather

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The following weather data is from major weather stations located outside of the Peak District National Park and outside Derbyshire. Temperatures are given in degrees Celsius - also known as degrees centigrade. By hovering over the temperatures, the temperature will be shown in degrees Fahrenheit. If you need to convert from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, please use our Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter.


The Manchester weather station is at Woodford which is 12 miles north west of Buxton, 16 miles west of Castleton and 30 miles north west of Matlock. It is the closest weather station to the vast majority of the Peak District National Park. It is to the west of the Pennines and is generally wetter than the east of the Pennines. It is a good indicator of the weather of most of the Peak District National Park - especially the western side.

No data found for Manchester.


The Bingley weather station is 37 miles north of Castleton, 41 miles north of Buxton and 51 miles north of Matlock. It is to the east of the Pennines and is a good indicator of the weather on the eastern side of the Peak District National Park.

No data found for Bingley.


The Shrewsbury weather station is 45 miles south west of Buxton, 52 miles south west of Matlock and 53 miles south west of Castleton.

No data found for Shrewsbury.


The Lincoln weather station is 47 miles east of Matlock 53 miles east of Castleton and 57 miles east of Buxton.

No data found for Lincoln.

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