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A Long Circular walk along Dove Dale and the Manifold Valley

Distance 15.5km (9.6 miles) 1100 feet of ascent. MODERATE

From the car park in Thorpe village (SK 155 505) take the footpath north to Lin Dale, which is a small beck at the base of Thorpe Cloud. Thorpe Cloud is the unmistakable pyramidal hill 110 metres (360 feet) above the car park.

When the river Dove is reached, turn right and walk up stream for 5 kilometres (3.1 miles) until Milldale (SK 139 547) is reached. The track is mainly flat, and soon becomes quieter and narrower. The motorway style of the first few kilometres bears testament to the popular nature of the area around the stepping stones. Most casual visitors turn back once the motorway section ends, and the rest of Dove Dale is much quieter. The sides of the gorge are not quite so steep further up the valley, but this does not in any way detract from its splendour.

Mill Dale is the first settlement along Dove Dale.

At Milldale, turn left to head uphill (do not follow the River Dove).

2 kilometres later (1.2 miles), the next village is Hope which has a public house where food and drink can be obtained.

From Hope, head south west (continuing uphill). The cross roads at SK 116 545 is the highest point of the walk and is exactly 1,000 feet above sea level (417 feet above the car park at Thorpe). Continue straight across the road and take the stile on the left some 400 metres from the cross roads.

For the first mile, the path meanders up and down. After this mile, the path starts to loose height as it approaches the hall at SK 123 524.

Pass to the right of the hall after which the footpath follows the track down to the valley floor.

At the road junction, turn left and follow the road into Ilam.

Follow the road towards Thorpe. After crossing the River Dove (by the entrance to the Izaak Walton Hotel on the left), take the footpath to Thorpe. The footpath heads towards the church with a tower in Thorpe. When the footpath ends, make your way back to the car park.

Grid Reference Distance
Kms (miles)
SK 155 505 0.0 Start at Car Park
SK 152 514 1.5 (0.9) Junction of Lin Dale and River Dove
SK 139 547 5.5 (3.4) Milldale
SK 123 549 8.5 (5.3) Pub at Hope
SK 113 544 8.5 (5.3) Footpath to Ilam
SK 124 525 11.0 (6.8) Hall - start of track to Ilam
SK 135 508 13.0 (8.1) Ilam
SK 146 505 14.5 (9.0) River Dove
SK 155 505 15.5 (9.6) End at Car Park in Thorpe

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