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A Short Circular walk from Thorpe to Dove Dale

Distance 4km (1.6 miles) 300 feet of ascent plus any distance walked up Dove Dale. VERY EASY

This 45 minute walk starts from the very short term car park in Thorpe village (SK 155 505).

This walk will take a minimum of 45 minutes from this car park. As this car park limits the parking time to 20 minutes, the car will have to be parked elsewhere.

At the far end of the car park there is a gate and stile. Go through the style and follow the footpath. This is a well defined and straight track that goes slightly uphill. The unmistakable pyramidal peak of Thorpe Cloud is on the left. It is 110 metres (360 feet) higher than the track.

After about 200 metres, the track abruptly ends when the Homster Hill Quarry is reached. Turn left and go gently down hill. This small dry valley is known as Lin Dale.

The base of Thorpe Cloud is surrounded by a low dry stone wall and a wire fence. The path goes along the side of, and to the right of, this wall.

After going through a kissing gate, the River Dove is reached. Turn right and walk up stream for a while. After a suitable distance turn back. Go past the path from Lin Dale and either cross the river via the stepping stones to use the tarmaced path, or continue down the left bank. In 600 metres (600 yards) there is a bridge. For those on the tarmaced path, use the bridge to cross the River Dove again. Follow the uphill track around the base of Thorpe Cloud, keeping the wire fence on the left.

After a few hundred metres the wire fence on the left ends and the path gets steeper and curves around to the left. It looks as if it might be the track to the summit. Do not despair, a few hundred metres further on, it almost levels out. At this point, the road on the right should be able to be seen. On the far side of the road there is a large solitary house that looks like a Pub. The path from this point to left of the house should be visible, as should the style through the stone wall that is about halfway between here and the road.

At the road, turn left and follow it back to the car park in Thorpe.

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