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Radio Frequencies

Hills and Radios

The hills of the area can cause a few problems with radio reception, especially when travelling by car. The local stations can be picked up in various, but not all, parts of the area.

BBC National Radio

Long Wave (AM)

     Radio 4     198 KHz

Medium Wave (AM)

     Radio 1    1089 kHz and 1053 kHz
     Radio 5     693 kHz and  909 kHz


Frequencies are in MHz
Buxton Stanton
R1 BBC 1 FM 98.9 97.9 99.6   98.6
R2 BBC 2 FM 89.3 88.3 90.0 89.8 89.0
R3 BBC 3 FM 91.5 90.5 92.2 92.0 91.2
R4 BBC 4 FM 93.7 92.7 94.4 94.2 93.4

BBC Local Radio

Station Name RDS Ident FM (MHz) MW (kHz)
Greater Manchester Radio   95.1 1458
Radio Derby BBC DRBY 95.3 104.5 1116
Radio Leicester BBC LEIC 104.9 837
Radio Humberside BBC HUMB 95.9  
Radio Nottingham BBC NOTT 95.5 103.8 1521
Radio Sheffield BBC SHEF 88.6 94.7 104.1 1035
Radio Stoke   94.6 1503
Radio Wales     882
Radio West Midlands BBC R-WM 95.6  
Radio York BBC YORK 103.7  
  BBC CWR 94.8 104.0  

Independent National Radio

Medium Wave (AM)

     Virgin     1197, 1215, 1242 and 1548 kHz 


     Classic FM (RDS=CLASSIC)    100.1 MHz  101.1 MHz  101.7 MHz 101.9 MHz 

Independent Local Radio

Medium Wave (AM)

Great Yorkshire Gold Radio 1548 kHz 1305 kHz
GEM AM 945 kHz
Piccadilly Gold 1152 kHz
Signal 1170 kHz


Station Name RDS Ident FM (MHz)
Hallam FM HALLAM 97.4 102.9
  LINCS FM 102.2
  MINSTER 104.7
Piccadilly Key 103   103.0
RAM FM   102.8
Peak FM   107.4 102.0
Sunset Radio   102.0
Trent FM   96.2
  BRMB 96.4
  LEIC SND 103.2
  LINCS FM 102.2
  MERCIAS 97.0
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